We live in a digital world! Understanding how devices and popular applications benefit us all, is more important than ever.

As our digital world becomes more complex, our critical and creative skills need to be focused and developed. eduPLEX introduces young learners to the I.C.T. literacy's and thinking that will prepare them for their digital world. Offering students a safe online environment to showcase their digital skills and practice online safety is a key advantage when considering eduPLEX.

eduPLEX is a "cloud" platform and supports all platforms and systems. No school infrastructure or administration is required. Download a printable overview of eduPLEX features. >>

F – 6 Digital Literacy

Introduces students to key ICT skillsets and competencies. Equally important is the need to be aware and to protect ourselves in an "online" world.

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Inquiry – Creative Thinking

Curious minds that can delve deep into a topic or issue are so important. Based on SOLO Taxonomy, our 'thinking' overlay encourages rich thinking.

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Student ePortfolios

Creative learners need a safe online space to upload and showcase content. Your school receives its own unique "protected" online space for individual user ePortfolios.

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 ---------- Teacher and Student Reviews ----------

EduPLEX has greatly increased the technology skills of my students and myself. The videos and instructions provide clear guidance and the students can always refer back to them. The ICT and Cyber Safety eCourses were motivating and my students were always excited when they achieved another badge and received feedback. EduPLEX also provides support to teachers through easy to follow tutorial videos and 'How To' guides. Caitlin D. (ICT Leader MPS)

Eduplex has allowed students to extend their skills beyond the poster to develop a variety of quality multimedia presentations to support their inquiry based learning. Lesley H. Assist. Principal (Carranballac College)

Eduplex has been a positive cutting edge initiative that has provided the ultimate development, for student’s cyber awareness. Eduplex has innovatively provided student learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Maria L. Assist Principal (Box Hill North PS)

All of our students regularly access the site and engage in a variety of tasks that have been tailor made to our curriculum. Our staff have also developed their capacity to deliver units of work incorporating blended learning. Erin O. Teacher (Hume Valley School)

Eduplex is an awesome program. I have been lucky to be part of this program with my students. Eduplex is great because there is so many programs, teachers can teach themselves, students can also teach themselves and work at their own pace. I love the instant messaging function. It is a great for students to improve their reading and writing skills. Irem S. Teacher(Hume Valley School)

eduPLEX is an exciting and challenging Digital Portfolio tool, which has engaged all my students. Eduplex has introduced me to a range of resources, which I have then applied to my own teaching or encourage the students to use as a part of their project work or homework.
You know my students enjoy Eduplex as they work conscientiously and quietly every lesson.
My students have learnt a great deal through this program and regularly implement strategies learnt during our sessions using eduplex in their own classroom practices. Allyse L. Teacher (Mitcham Primary School)

Initial impression after 30 mins. "OMG this is so easy.. I just wanna go home and play" Melissa G. Teacher (Kings Park PS)

I think eduPlex is really good for primary school kids to use. I think in the future it will help us with cyber safety like Facebook, Hotmail and lots more. I feel that it will keep the world more safe. On eduPlex I will look foward to learning on how to be cyber safe. I think it is good because it helps represent us and what we think. Brooke M (Student)

I really enjoyed eduplex this semester. I love the way you can have friends that you can chat with when you want to. I really liked that you could decorate your profile page so that it would be fun to see. I put so much on my profile page. I felt safe and secure on the website, thats why I like going on it. The website helped me learn about cyber safety and I am happy that I don't have to go on another website to talk to my friends. I don't have to face mean comments. I feel protected.
Tricia. Student (Mitcham PS)